All grades of BizWhite Earth are severally controlled by the following two specification to customers and in-house specification.


BW2 BW2 Test Method
Delivery Specification
Moisture (%) 15 Max Test Method 2
Fineness (%) 80 Min. Test Method 3
Residual Acidity (mgKOH/g) 2.5 Max Test Method 4
Bleaching Performance The same bleaching
Performance as that
of BK2 Indian
Standard 1) or more
Test Method 5
In-house Specification
Filterability 2) Test Method 7
(BW2 Indian Standard =100) Particle Size 3) <5 m m (%) 20 Max Test Method 6
Average Particle Size ( m m) 20 ~ 30

Filtration rate of V2 Indian Standard to oil : A(min)
Filtration rate of the final product to oil : B (min)
Filterability = A/B X 100

Malven Mastersizer measurement condition:
a. Real refractive index of the particle – 1.5295
b. Imaginary refractive index of the particle – 0.1000
c. Real refractive index of Water – 1.3300

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