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Cat Litter From World's Largest Sodium Bentonite Mines In India

Today all the leading suppliers of Cat Litter in Europe know about the scarcity of Natural Sodium Bentonite and are trying hard to supply the chemically activated material in the market.

BizWhite Mines LLP owns 1,600 hectares of land in India and is blessed by Nature with 40 million tones of Sodium Bentonite deposits in their mines. People around the world appreciate ‘KATLIT’ Cat Litter quality which was developed after a long R & D effort by highly qualified technicians in well equipped laboratories. BizWhite Mines LLP has been successful in producing a Natural Cat Litter that is naturally sun dried and consists of properties that promote instant clumping, natural odour control, low dust material, and are highly absorbent. An overwhelming response from every corner of the world has helped establish ‘KATLIT’ Cat Litter in more than 40 countries.

Apart from the well established clumping and non-clumping varieties of cat litter, they have recently developed ‘Scented Cat Litter’ with a choice of flavours like, Baby Powder, Vanilla, Lavender, Green Apple, Lemon, Rose etc. This variety of Cat Litter emanates perfume the moment it gets wet.

Simultaneously, BizWhite Mines LLP has launched a ‘New Premium Luxury Range’ of KATLIT Rosy Garden, KATLIT Snow White  and KATLIT White Wings. These all are white colour Cat Litters that are superb absorbent, dust free, low tracking, in pellet form, and a unique variety to the world market. The material is supplied in 5 kg. jars and all the pet litters are available in various pack sizes of 5 / 10 / 20 kg. for varied needs.

BizWhite Mines LLP has always adopted a policy of ‘A Family’ with their distributors around the world and provided them with all marketing & promotional support to ensure that all the family members (The Distributors) are happy and making good profits.

Today, BizWhite Mines LLP is also a leading supplier to well known Brands of Pvt. labels in the world market.

All leading Pet Product Companies (Importers & Distributors) with well spread Net Worth and sufficient infrastructure are invited to join hands with BizWhite Mines LLP group to share the benefits of their success. Interested companies are welcome to visit the mines and factories in India.

KATLIT Cat Litter Products

BizWhite Mines LLP manufactures a wide range of Cat Litters from both Bentonite based heavy weight litters to Attapulgite based light weight litters also called traditional cat litters. BizWhite Mines LLP supplies in bulk the various grades of cat litter to different locations where they are further packaged into small bags.

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