Cat Litter FAQ’s

Why won’t my cat use the cat litter box?

Cleanliness: It is very important to buy an attractive cat litter pan and keep it very clean so that your cat is attracted to the pan easily.
Territory Marking: If the cat litter pan is outside your cat’s territory, he or she may not go to the litter pan.
Privacy: Cats always prefers privacy when attending to nature’s call. So it is important to keep the tray in a well ventilated place where there is some privacy.
Health: When suffering from a health problem your cat may find it difficult to reach the cat litter pan.

Why does my cat not accept cat litter?

Cleanliness: It is most important to keep the cat litter clean by removing the clumps from the cat litter pan.
Odours: Cats prefer litter with natural odour.
Health: Ill health may be another reason for your cat to avoid using the cat litter box, so regular veterinary check-ups are necessary.

How do I use my cat litter product easily?

Normally the pet litter layer should be about 2 to 3 inches thick in the tray. It may vary depending on the type of pet litter and size of the cat.
How do I eliminate odour problems from my cat litter box?
Remove the cat litter waste regularly, preferably within 30 minutes of use. Always use odour free natural clumping cat litter made of Bentonite such as KATLIT.

I notice larger than normal clumps. Is there any reason for this?

Large clumps can occur when you use inferior quality pet litter having less absorbency capacity. You can avoid this problem by using good pet litter manufactured from Bentonite having high absorbency.

Are there some special conditions under which clumping cat litter should not be used?

Yes, avoid using clumping cat litter for kittens or if your cat has pica – a mineral imbalance wherein pets have a bad habit of eating clay and faecal matter.

Will the clumping cat litter harm my cat?

No, never Clumping Cat Litter always helps the cat to keep itself clean. You only need to remove the clumped portion of the cat litter by scoop. Now more and more pet lover use clumping cat litter.

Will the cat litter dust harm my cat?

KATLIT Cat Litter has been specifically designed to ensure that the litter box stays up to 99% dust free.

My conventional cat litter isn’t controlling the odour, what can I do about it?

This problem differs from litter to litter. we advise you to use 100% natural litter made out of Bentonite to tackle this problem.

What should I do when I want to switch over to other cat litter brands?

You should switch litters very slowly to prevent confusing your cat. First, mix one-third of the new cat litter with two-thirds of the old. As your cat gets used to the new litter, gradually increase the amount of new cat litter, till you stop using the old cat litter completely.

What are the major air pollutants in my house that I should watch out for?

Here is a link to a site that gives you a comprehensive look at possible contaminants in your surroundings. These could be anything from cigarette smoke (it alone has nearly 4000 cancer causing compounds) to paints, varnish and furniture polish. ( ).

My conventional cat litter isn’t controlling the odour, what can I do about it?

Switch to KATLIT Cat Litter and notice how odour free the litter box gets.

How many cat litter pans should I have?

You should always have one more pan than the total number of cats in the house. For example; If you have 5 cats then you should have six cat litter pans.

What do I do if my cat has the bad habit of spraying around the house?

This problem is not always related to the pet litter box being rejected by the cat. It is more an issue that requires the attention of a pet behaviour therapist. It has been noted a new cat might like to mark its territory or sometimes the pet litter box may be kept in the territory of another stronger male cat. Such problems can be identified and treated better by a behaviour therapist.

My cat urinates very frequently. Is this an issue of concern?

The response would vary based on the age of your cat, its gender etc. Thus, it is best answered by your vet who could examine your cat and recommend the right course of actions to be undertaken.

From what age should I allow the kittens to use clay-based cat litter?

They should be allowed to use the cat litter only after the age of 8 weeks as all kittens have a bad habit of eating clay.

What is pica?

Pica is a calcium – phosphorous mineral imbalance where cats and other animals tend to be non selective and eat faecal matter and clay. Many times after correction of the original disorder, the habit continues to be present and can be difficult to correct.

Is there an observation that tracks the predisposition of cat breeds to be afflicted by PICA?

Yes. It has been found that the Siamese, Burmese and the Himalayan breeds have a genetic predisposition to PICA.

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