How it works

Optimize the Cat Litter use


Cats by nature are very clean animals and particular about cleanliness. It is common knowledge that they will normally ease themselves by digging up the earth. It has been proven under test conditions that cats prefer KATLIT‘s earthen colour to that of gray coloured litters.

Clumping Action

KATLIT cat litter combines very high absorbency with the hardness of granules that reduces ‘dust and tracking’. KATLIT‘s strong clumping action enables easy separation of soiled cat litter so no litter is wasted.


There are no added chemicals and yet it is remarkably odour free. That’s a KATLIT cat litter guarantee for you! Unlike conventional pet litters, KATLIT Cat Litter works continuously as long as it is in use so that offensive smells are constantly eliminated.


KATLIT cat litter does not support bacterial life and works as a natural drying agent to dry up residual bits of dirty cat litter so the tray always stays hygienic and clean.

Best Quality Cat Litter