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Today all the leading suppliers of Cat Litter in Europe know about the scarcity of Natural Sodium Bentonite and therefore supply chemically activated material.

BizWhite Mines LLP owns 2,000 hectares land in India which contains 60 million tones of Sodium Bentonite deposits. KATLIT Cat Litter was developed after a long R & D effort by highly qualified technicians in well equipped laboratories. BizZWhite Mines LLP Natural Cat Litter is naturally SUN DRIED and full of natural properties that produce instant clumping, natural odour control, low dust material and are highly absorbent. An overwhelming response from around the world has led to an expansion of ‘KATLIT’ Cat Litter into many countries.

Requisites for own / Private Brand
  • A product with its own USPs (unique selling propositions) which distinguish it from the nth number of prevailing brands in the cat / pet litter market.
  • Access to the end users and their influencers (intermediaries, breeders, catteries, groomers, pet clubs, other pet organizations, etc.
  • Inform, convince/influence, create interest, and sustain the interest.
  • Convert the interest into a reason to purchase (customer would like to know the brand and people behind it, reliability and availability of the product etc., so that customer’s heart and mind are in harmony.
  • The growth of viable regional market making it a market place.
  • Emergence of region – specific mass media and availability of professional marketing experts to create regionally rooted campaign/promotional schemes.
  • Marketing research/hiring of exports.
  • Huge funds, time and patience to accomplish the above task.
Cat Litter Private Labels

The Cat / Pet litter market is constantly redefined, consumer preferences change fast, and manufacturers are engaged in the battle of supremacy.

We have developed many varieties of Cat Litter like clumping cat litter, non-clumping cat litter, white colour, natural earthen colour, super absorbent, fine, ultra, traditional granules, and numerous choices of scented cat litter. We supply goods in bulk jumbo bags and develop consumer packaging at a remarkably low cost.

We are also well postioned to offer TAILOR MADE CAT LITTER according to the individual requirements of any international private label.

Our in-house departments provide art design, printing and packaging and our low cost labour, further assists in producing quality, private label, consumer packs in India at competitive rates.

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