Why KATLIT Pet Litter?

Naturally Superb !

Natural colour and earthen aroma guarantee pet acceptance. Furthermore, it’s processed and dried under natural sunlight and atmospheric temperatures without artificial superheating

Good reasons why you need KATLIT Cat Litter

KATLIT cat litter is a breakthrough in odour control technology from BizWhite Mines LLP. You will use less cat litter and notice less odour and dust with our wide range of all natural cat litters.

Traditional Cat Litters are fast collapsing under the weight of their own mounting problems.

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The less absorbent litters don’t readily absorb urine, so it pools at the bottom of the box. From there it evaporates into the air as an odorous gas or it acts as a host for odour generating bacteria.

Sundried & All Natural
  • Processed and dried under natural sunlight
  • KATLIT Cat Litter is free of harmful chemicals
  • KATLIT Cat Litter is a natural product that is instinctively liked and accepted by pets.
  • KATLIT Cat Litter reunites cats with nature due to its earthen aroma, look and feel.
Naturally Controls Odour
  • No added chemicals and yet remarkably odour free. That’s a KATLIT Cat Litter guarantee for you!
  • Unlike conventional pet litters, KATLIT Cat Litter will continue to work for as long as it is in use so that offensive smells are always eliminated.
Bentonite cat litter best non clumping
Super Absorbent
  • The composition of KATLIT Cat Litter allows it to absorb a large volume of waste compared to its size.
  • Just fill the tray at the required level, scoop the clump, and thoroughly clean the tray periodically.
  • KATLIT cat litter combines very high absorbency with strong clumping action that minimizes ‘dust and tracking’.
  • KATLIT’s strong clumping action enables easy separation of soiled cat litter so no litter is wasted.
Safe & Hygienic
  • KATLIT Cat Litter does not support bacterial life so it is hygienic and keeps your cat healthy.
  • KATLIT Cat Litter is sundried so there are no high temperatures involved, which eliminates chemical reactions that occur at high temperatures and produce carcinogenic by products.
  • KATLIT Cat Litter contains a natural drying agent that dries up residual bits of dirty cat litter so the tray always stays hygienic and clean.
  • KATLIT Cat Litter is complete in itself. No alterations are needed to enhance its performance, which makes it completely safe because it eliminates the need to add harmful chemicals.
  • KATLIT Cat Litter can be used as compost in your garden.
  • As KATLIT Cat Litter is 99% dust free so there is no air pollution.
  • No trees or tree products are used in the manufacture of KATLIT Cat Litter.
  • KATLIT Cat Litter is completely biodegradable.
Dust Free and Trail Free
  • KATLIT Cat Litter controls dust due to the hardness of granules, which means no more dust clouds when pouring litter into the tray.
  • When your cat leaves the litter tray…you can be sure that a whole set of dusty paw marks will not follow across the room.
Safe and Hygienic Bentonite cat litter
No Waste

Only clumped portion and not the whole material is to be replaced, which means less litter (and hence) more utility.


Our prices are economical because you will use less litter for longer time compared to other brands. KATLIT Cat Litter is a GREAT PRODUCT at a reasonable price.

Recyclable Packaging

The packaging has a high reuse value. The smaller 5 Kg/Ltr bags can be used as shopping bags and the larger bags can be used to make smaller bags. The sturdy, colourful cartons can be used for safe storage.

Best Quality Cat Litter