Oils / Liquor / Food Markets

Bentonite is utilized in the removal of impurities in oils where its adsorptive properties are crucial in the processing of edible oils and fats (Soya / palm / canola oil). In drinks such as beer, wine, mineral water and in products like sugar or honey, bentonite is used as a clarification agent.


BW-PUREFLOW is widely accepted for the purpose of clarification of alcoholic liquors and fruit juices.


  • Suspended, fibrous solids and colloids from fruit juice and liquors.
  • Phenol, protein tanning and fungii, produced from natural enzyme during processing.
  • Substances causing haze, settling and coagulants.
  • Offending colours, odours & flavours.
  • PUREFLOW is non-toxic & chemically non-reactive.

Available Packages :
50kg and Jumbo Packing.

bentonite for clarification of alcoholic liquors and fruit juices

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