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We, Monarch Creations with our Brand “BizWhite”, take immense pleasure in introducing ourselves as the one of the leading mines owners, manufacturers, processers and exporters of all types of bentonite and other mineral products in India and abroad.

We provide bentonite for Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetic, Agriculture, Clay catalyst, Oil & Water Drilling, Synthetic Clay, Bleaching Earth, Oil / Liquor / Food Market. We also supply minerals like Bauxite, Silica Sand, Kaolin, Limestone & Aluminium Oxide (Corundum).

With our prime focus on consistent quality, high performance and aggressive international marketing we have gained a niche position in the world of bentonite business.

BizWhite Worlds best bentonite mines
Why BizWhite

We own high quality mines and is mainly involved in mining, processing, manufacturing and marketing a full range of Bentonite based specialities.

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Global Manufacturers & Consumer Insights

To provider solution to its customers by supplying  exactly the right product for the end customer.

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world no 1 quality bentonites
Quality Products

Quality is not a matter of chance or choice, but a must and key stone for its international credibility.

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our products

Bleaching Earth

best quality Bleaching Earth for vegetable oil
A Bleaching Earth is Activated adsorbent used for the general purpose of decolourisation of animal vegetable mineral oils and waxes.

Clay Catalysts

is designed for Olefin removal from BTX
Clays are also known to act as radical catalysts. Acid catalyst nature of clay enhances the reactions involving the olefins and aromatics.

Silica Sand – Quartz

Best indian Silica Sand
Silica Sand is quartz that over time, through the work of water and wind, has been broken down into tiny granules.

Kaolin (China Clay)

best quality kaolin china clay
Kaolin has a range of applications which are grouped in three main areas: paper, ceramics and performance minerals.

Oil Well Drilling

Bentonite for Oil Well Drilling
Bentonite is as a mud constituent for oil- and water- well drilling. Its role is mainly to seal the borehole walls, to remove drill cuttings and to lubricate the cutting head.

Synthetic Clayliner

Synthetic Clayliner
BWLiner’s are like carpets and are very effective barrier systems for waste and liquid containment, fast and easy installation.

Cosmetic Industry

We are offering wide range of Bentonite Powder, Healing Clays, Classic Product and as per Client requirement for Cosmetic Industry.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Bentonite is used as filler in pharmaceuticals & due to its absorption / adsorption functions, and binding agent.

Oil / Liquor / Food Market

Our sodium bentonite is an excellent choice as a edible oils and fats, mineral water wine and juice clarification agent.
Our sodium bentonite is an excellent clarification agent for edible oils, mineral water, wine and juice.


Bentonite for fertilizer pesticides in Agriculture industry
Whether for the home gardener or agricultural farming, look to improve your soil and its performance with the addition of Kutch Bentonite.