Clay Catalysts

BW-Clay Catalyst

Bizwhite Activated Clay Catalyst is a highly active, low moisture granulated acid-activated montmorillonite with unique surface chemistry.

In fixed bed aromatics purification, BW Activated Clay Catalyst and adsorbent offer enhanced process unit economics, superior product quality, and dependable performance. Eliminates olefins that may contaminate adsorption and catalytic units downstream. Its high catalytic activity, high acidity, and distinctive surface chemistry enable longer bed cycles. helps products fulfill strict requirements for Bromine Index and Acid Wash Color. Particle breakdown during vessel loading and unit operations is minimized by good physical integrity.

In the petroleum refining and petrochemical industries, the initialism BTX refers to mixtures of benzene, toluene, and the three xylene isomers, all of which are aromatic hydrocarbons. The xylene isomers are distinguished by the designations ortho – (or o –), meta – (or m –), and para – (or p –) as indicated in the adjacent diagram. If ethylbenzene is included, the mixture is sometimes referred to as BTEX.

Bizwhite Clay Catalyst is included in the universal oil product duty specification for clay treating of BTX. It is a granular solid acid catalyst manufactured from high-quality montmorillonite of our Kutch area in India. Bizwhite Clay Catalyst is developed for adsorption and acid catalyst in fixed bed reactors. It is a product designed with a highly porous inner structure. This results in an accessible active site for reactants and lowers diffusion limitation for byproducts.

Grades of Bizwhite Clay Catalyst

  • Grade : BW-200
  • Grade – BW-200X
  • Grade – BW250X

Typical Physical Property

Loose Bulk Density gm/l 700±50
Free Moisture (2 hrs,110’C) % 6 max
pH (10% suspension filters) (10% Suspension filtrate) 2.5 – 3.5
Free Acidity mg KOH/gm 7 max
Total Acidity mg KOH/gm 23 – 26
Surface Area (BET) 300±30

Typical Particle Size Distribution

The particle size distribution is determined by sieve analysis of dry granules. The following average residue was found on different fine sieves.

Sieve range Unit Value
More than 2 mm % 10.0 max
2.0 – 0.25 mm % 85.0 min
Less than 0.25 mm % 50.0 max


50kg and Jumbo Packing.


BizWhite Clay Catalyst is designed for Olefin removal from BTX. It works excellent for the selective removal of olefins from Benzene/Toluene and Heavy Reformate (mainly Xylenes).

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