BW-AgroFlexTMPure Processed Bentonite for an Improved Farming

AgroFlexTM is an effective soil conditioner that will improve your soil structure and maximise water and fertiliser usage while retaining its nutrient value. It is used as a thickening, suspension agent and stability agent in pesticides, insecticides, fungicides and fertilizer spraying applications.

Our highly purified microfine sodium bentonite is eco-friendly, safe for aquatic systems, plants, microorganisms and can be used for soil as well as soilless farming. It is used as a binder, stabilizer, suspension agent, and rheological modifier.

Benefits of using AgroFlexTM

  • Increases water-retention and the ability for crops to access water
  • Improves soil structure and aggregate formation
  • Reduces the expenditure on fertilisers as the soil gains supply of soluble plant nutrients, including calcium, magnesium and potassium
  • An appreciable increase in the yields of the crops due to improved soil health
  • Conserves soil ecosystem
Parameters Unit Specification
Appearance Finely Divided Powder
Moisture % 12 max.
Free Swelling ml/2g 22 min.
pH 9 to 11
Particle Size (200#) % 83 min.

Available Packages :
20kg and Jumbo Packing.


plant shield natural bentoniteproduct for plants

Benefits in Agriculture

  • Improves water and nutrient bonding of plants.
  • Increases water fixing and water holding capacity by 10 times.
  • Effective in making soil and carrier nutrients available.
  • Enhances number of nitrifying bacteria.
  • Increases plant biomass by 20%.
  • Stimulates soil microbial parameters.

Guaranteed Slug Stopper ( Non-Poisonous / Eco Friendly )

A slug damaged garden is not a pretty sight. It is the most natural and effective way to maintain a photogenic garden without disturbing the sensitive eco-system of our surroundings.

It’s non-poisonous, 100% natural and an effective deterrent for slugs and snails. It is completely non-intrusive in the natural cycle of life in your garden, keeping it beautiful and perfectly in tune with the flora and fauna around.

Packaging :  10kg, 20kg & 50kg

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