Bentonite plays an important role in the agricultural landscape. Whether as a soil improver, stock feed, or for the sealing of dams, the unique characteristics of naturally occurring sodium bentonite clay ensures it is always in demand on the land.

Bentonite  is a naturally occurring sodium bentonite. The inherent characteristics of water retention and absorbency makes it an ideal addition to improve the fertility of soil. The prevalence of sandy soil in many regions that suffer from low water and nutrient holding characteristics, can be significantly enhanced by the addition and blending of Kutch Bentonite. Whether for the house gardener or agricultural farming, Kutch Bentonite will improve your soil and its performance.

Bentonite for fertilizer which improves the fertility of the soils
bentonite for Granule/pallet formulation of Pesticides


BW-GREENFARM is an eco-friendly carrier of fertilizers and is widely accepted by DAP and NPK fertilizer manufacturers for the enhancement of microbial activities and improving the fertility of the soils.

  • BW-GREENFARM provides an envelop over fertilizer grains and decreases loss of fertilizer.
  • It seals lower bed of the soil to reduce percolation of water and decreases water pollution.
  • Keeps grains dry and enables smooth mechanical handling.
  • It acts as a soil activator and turns saline soil into neutral and pH value remains around 7.
  • Helps to increase the dark colour of the leaves, enhancing thereby it’s photosynthesis process which is very important for the growth and good health of the plant.
  • Loosen light soil enhancing thereby it’s water retention capacity.
  • There is an appreciable increase in the yields of the crops due to improved soil health.
  • Being soil like and non-toxic, BW-GREENFARM is eco-friendly

Available Packages :
50kg and Jumbo Packing.


BW-AGROGREEN is widely used in granule formulation of pesticides.

  • Granule formulation of Pesticides is one of the easiest and safest way of Pesticides application.
  • During application, Granules are less subject to drift than in the case with dusting and spray.
  • They can be applied even in condition of wind.
  • Granular Formulation of Pesticides control harmful insects or weeds at the stage of the growth of crop.
  • It releases active ingredients slowly over a longer period of time.
  • During formulation it does not stick to the wall of the Granulator since it is highly absorbent.

Available Packages :
50kg and Jumbo Packing.

bentonite for stability agent in pesticides and fertilizer


BW-AGROFLEX is used as a thickening suspension agent and stability agent in pesticides and fertilizer spraying applications. It is a natural highly purified microfine sodium bentonite. It is used as a binder, stabilizer, suspension agent, and rheological modifier. It has application as thickening, suspension, stability agent in pesticides and fertilizer spraying.


  • Pesticides
  • Insecticides
  • Fungicides
  • Fertilizer


  • Medium viscosity & High emulsion
  • Suspension agent
  • Consist of small micron particles
  • Stability agent
Typical Specification
Loss on drying 6.5 9.0 Max
pH 9.7 10.5 Max
Gel formation 0.0 2.0 ml Max
Swelling power 35 ml 24 ml Min

Available Packages :
50kg and Jumbo Packing.

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