About Us

BizWhite Mines LLP began in history in 1995 as mines owner and with its parent company Hamla Mines supplying minerals to process companies. In 2006 at Hamla, Kutch in Gujarat State, we started our first highly technological processing plant of sodium bentonite assuring the exporters and local buyers with all the bentonite related products as per their requirements.

Kutch is the fastest developing states in India and is one of the most promising developing industrial hubs with extra ordinary infrastructure having two ports within a vicinity of 60 kms from the Mines. As time passed by and the need to centralize all the activities of Mining was sensed, we moved all our operations to a 50 acre plot which is only 20kms away from the mines and 40kms to the port. Recently we have added one more production plant near Bhuj.


We are into mining, processing, exporting all types of bentonite and other mineral products. With our prime focus on consistent quality, high performance and aggressive international marketing it has gained a niche position in the world of Bentonite business.


With its 3 decade  of experience in supplying to most of the bentonite applications, it’s gradually focusing on being one of the global brands  which shall not restrict itself just to a mineral producer but would enhance its brand image to solution providers. By the means of investing on human resource  as well as on Technology BizWhite Mines LLP intends to enhance  the competition by adding value to resources  and offering solution to customers.


BizWhite Mines LLP has a vision of growing and acquiring a leading role in the international bentonite and other mineral business through the satisfaction of its clients needs with a range of high quality distinct products  helping the customer solve their application problems. BizWhite Mines LLP is to provide solution to its customers by supplying exactly the right product for the end customer.


BizWhite Mines LLP backbone is an enormous high quality mining land which it owns & is considered as one of the greatest strength to meet its mission and vision. We strongly believe in investing and securing resources  which appreciates over a period of time. Additional strengths also include the investments we do in infrastructure and in modernizing our processing facilities. BizWhite Mines LLP is one of the leading Indian bentonite producer to mechanize the activation and processing of raw bentonite with various additives.

Quality Policy

Quality is, together with performance and consistency, a must for BizWhite Mines LLP activity and it starts right from the mine where, before beginning the operations, the possible outputs are studied for matching them with the right industrial treatments and the most appropriate final production.
BizWhite Mines LLP feels that Quality is not a matter of chance or choice, but a must and key stone for its international credibility.

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